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About Redkey

Redkey International is a leading provider of specialized security risk management services. Our unique risk management focus allows us to help our clients maintain continuity in their business operations worldwide. We are able to do this by employing only diversely skilled professionals from elite organizations such as the British, American, Australian and New Zealand Special Forces and Diplomatic Protection Services.

All of our consultants are practiced in providing each other with mutual support in a seamless, integrated fashion designed to serve our clients in the most custom-tailored manner possible. This focus and dedication has made us a world leader within the risk management and protective security industry.

Our vision is to be

  • The recognized leader in emergency preparedness and response management services, in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • An emergency management team which is second to none in operational excellence, knowledge, experience and equipment.

  • A provider of efficient and cost-effective prevention, preparedness and response management services with maximum value to our clients.

  • A global provider of emergency preparedness and response management services in all areas of risk.

  • A global provider of a full range of conventional and maritime security, emergency preparedness and response services, including assessments, planning, training, exercises and technical consulting.

  • Regularly evaluating the appropriateness and effectiveness of our services

Our People

Terry Phelan

Managing Director

Terry served in the New Zealand Police for 19 years as a member of the Diplomatic Protection Service (DPS) his responsibilities included providing security to high profile dignitaries and foreign Royalty, some of which included members of the British Royal family.

After leaving the police Terry worked on a number of security related projects in New Zealand as a project manager and security advisor. Before establishing Redkey International in 2004, Terry was also a managing director of another New Zealand based security company specializing in providing security solutions at an international level.

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Phil Campion

Director of Operations - Europe & Americas

Philip served in the British Army for seventeen years, six of which was served in the UK Special Air Service (SAS). He left the military in 2001 and worked for a key British television company on various high-risk documentaries as a security advisor. For a period of two years Phil worked for the European Commission in Afghanistan as head of security and liaison with Government agencies. During this assignment he took part in live operations and also conducted training of Close Protection teams hosting many VIPs from Europe escorting them across all areas of Afghanistan including Kandahar , Jallalabad and Mazar.

He recently joined Redkey as a Company Director after working in Iraq and surrounding countries for fourteen months as a security manager on a major Government sponsored contract.

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Whiro Ratahi

Director of Operations & Training - South Pacific & Australasia

Whiro left the New Zealand Police after 32 years where he attained the rank of Chief Inspector. During his service he commanded the New Zealand Police Diplomatic Protection Squad and had several postings to Police National HQ. Several years were engaged in Personal Protection on a national basis for Heads of States and other Internationally Protected Persons who were Visitors to New Zealand as Guest of the Government. Some of his highlights include providing Personal Security to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2 and other members of the British Royal family.

Whiro gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise whilst facilitating Police training programs on a National and International basis. He has planned Security measures from a National Perspective and overseen the various security aspects at an operational level on behalf of the Commissioner of Police.

Whiro has also conducted National training courses to government Close Protection Teams where he has gained years of experience in dealing with Government agencies, including Prime Ministers Department, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, Defence, SIS (National Security Intelligence Service) Commerce, Justice Department, local authorities, Airport Management, Civil Authorities and the Transport Industry.

Prior to joining Redkey as a Company Director he was engaged in the private Security Industry consulting to Government agencies, Embassies, The New Zealand National Sports Body, various blue chip corporations and also conducting security training courses.

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Jim Colvin

General Manager of Global Operations

Jim Colvin is an ex member of the SBS (Special Boat Services) , who worked on various assignments within the Service for 19 years and is also an experienced security manager & liaison officer co ordinating  between various clients and fully conversant with close protection requirements and drills.

For the last 3 years, Jim Colvin have been involved with client security and the liaison between clients, US/UK Military and Civil Security Agencies, working in the rolls of both operator and security manager in Iraq and Kuwait .

Jim Colvin joined Redkey in 2005 and is responsible to organising world wide operations for RedKey International , globally . Jim Colvin is highly experienced and goal motivated with the ability to work well both in a team and individually.

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Redkey International deals with the risks arising from security threats to major corporations and business operations around the world.  Redkey International provides the professional skills and experience to ensure that business operations of corporations continue to operate in a time of crisis with minimal loss to finances, reputation and relations.

With our highly trained and specialist operatives, Redkey International is able to respond effectively to your corporation’s unique security concerns, working with local law enforcement and other governmental agencies around the world to achieve the results needed.

Where ever your corporation has its operations, whether in the remote jungles of Southeast Asia or the deserts of Iraq, Redkey International can meet your requirements.  If you are currently facing a risk to your operations, or just wish to develop a comprehensive contingency plan to ensure necessary precautionary measures are in place, Redkey International has the expertise and skills for your situation. A comprehensive management plan for business, financial and human impact recovery will ensure your corporation can resume all activities swiftly with minimal loss.

Whatever your requirements – providing close protection for senior executives, tracing a high jacked ship and cargo, analysing and securing major installations and complexes , identifying weaknesses in existing security arrangements, or documenting findings and formulating recommendations for your best security practice – Redkey International is ready to respond.



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