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Crisis Management and Contingency Planning

Good crisis management is central to good management. With inappropriate or inadequate planning, some organizations find themselves reacting constantly to crisis situations. Without ordered priorities, an organization is unable to determine which situations call for immediate attention and which do not, and their ability to continue functioning is seriously threatened.

Crisis management is not a quick fix. It involves anticipating, identifying, studying and forecasting likely crisis situations and deciding on the specific methods an organization should use to prevent or cope with crises. Company executives must be committed to ensuring that crisis management is an integral part of the organizational structure for the long term.

Redkey International pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate and respond in a professional manner to any crisis. An untimely crisis can be severely detrimental to the finances, reputation and relations of an organisation. With this in mind, we develop flexible and comprehensive contingency plans that cater for your particular requirements.

It is essential that any contingency plan assesses precautionary measures, including vulnerability analysis and defence strategies. With a strong contingency plan, preparation for the integration of these preventative measures can begin. Preparing for all potential hazards with careful management can prevent further crises. Speedy and timely recovery is vital to overcoming a crisis. A comprehensive management plan for business, financial and human impact recovery ensures the company can resume all activities swiftly.

Redkey International's expert team can provide an integrated comprehensive crisis management plan to ensure your business interests are protected.

Our Crisis Management Solutions include (but are not limited to)

  • Crisis Planning, Evacuation and Business Continuity
  • Crisis Prevention Planning and the law
  • Incident Response
  • Disaster Planning Response
  • Crisis Management Training/Presentations
  • Crisis Management Education
  • Crisis Communications Plans
  • Media Training
  • Crisis Plan Testing
  • Kidnap & Ransom

Please contact us at: for further information regarding our crisis management services.


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