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Investigation Services

Redkey International employs a whole spectrum of investigative skills to be used in peripheral service - from tracking the source of an obscene or threatening letter to locating (in co-operation) with police the run away daughter of an executive. Our investigative services include whatever is required to establish what has happened and extend to all personnel, not just executives or senior management.

Our investigative services determine the facts to accomplish a threefold aim:

  • To Identify - Guilty parties.
  • To Locate - Missing and wanted.
  • To Provide - Evidence of guilt.

To Redkey International, investigation is as much art as it is science. We work with precepts and advice and use intuition and the felicity of inspiration in determining which methods will have the greatest effect on the outcome of a case.

The criminal investigator must also consider what element chance has to play in a case. The many elements of the investigator's tools can be summarized under three headings:

  • Information.
  • Interrogation.
  • Instrumentation.

By the application of the right mix of investigative tools, the investigator gathers the facts necessary to establish the guilt or innocence of the accused in a criminal trial. To Redkey International these tools form the basis of any investigation.

Our investigation services can resolve problems such as:

  • Corporate Espionage
  • Internal Theft
  • Harassment
  • Information Leaks

Please contact us at: for more information regarding our Investigation Services.


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