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Iraq offers corporate business an inventive marketplace full of new opportunities just waiting to be explored, but it also has its risks. Dealing with the innumerable risks successfully will revolutionise opportunities for successful establishments. Terrorism, criminal industries, political and cultural pandemonium coupled with obsolete infrastructure present intimidating challenges to those operating within Iraq. Establishments likely to succeed are those able to recognise possible threats and know how to overcome them. Risk management is about identifying hazards as well as implementing regulations to ensure safety of people. It is about determining potential opportunities and then formulating a plan to exploit those opportunities. Without good risk management success is threatened.

Success follows from the goals and strategic plans an organisation develops and implements as it learns from its experiences, including threats to its operations. Without the ability to formulate solutions when confronted by threats an organisation's success will suffer. In Iraqi's obscure business climate, the strategic plan needs to facilitate the successful operation of the organisation with flexibility and precision.

Redkey International provides planning, proactive assistance, and support designed to provide both a channel for achievement and the ability to identify and navigate the risk environments.

Redkey International Security Services


  • Provision of highly experienced security operatives
  • Provision of vehicular transportation
  • Acquisition of accommodation
  • Acquisition of radio and satellite communication systems
  • Strategic security assessment.
  • Force Protection and Movement Control

Security Operatives

Redkey International provides experienced, highly trained and qualified Military and Police personnel to deliver, execute, and achieve the objectives of all security situations. Our personnel have the abilities required for the situation and the skills to work effectively as a team so that clients receive the best service available to them.

Redkey International has a comprehensive database of consultants and managers with British, American, Australian and New Zealand Special Forces and Diplomatic Service backgrounds. These consultants are at the forefront of our company, making us the obvious choice in Iraq .

Vehicular Transport

Redkey International will source vehicular transportation to meet client needs. We are very familiar with the terrain and operational environment within Iraq and are in a unique position to provide clients with informed strategic advice on the merits of specific transportation.

Redkey International will provide both SUV and saloon type armoured and soft skin vehicles available for lease and purchase as required. Please contact us for further details.


Redkey International will organise and provide accommodation to meet client needs, from purpose built accommodation in the International Zone to a luxury villa in Kuwait. Redkey International can also provide:

Please look at our camp construction and equipment link on the security services page for further information about these services.

Communications and Satelite Tracking Systems

Redkey International provides both satellite and a radio communications adaptable for use globally in all theatres of the world, wherever you operate your business - whether in Iraq or the remote jungles of S/E Asia .

Redkey International uses the latest state of the art vehicle mounted tracking systems which are fitted to all Redkey International vehicles operating in Iraq.

Strategic Security Assessment

Redkey International uses only designated senior security consultants competent in all aspects of risk management within Iraq and the surrounding Middle Eastern countries. These consultants are available on request to conduct:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Security Audits
  • Pre-Deployment Planning, Training and Briefings
  • Hostile Environment Training
  • Liaison with both Military and Government Agencies
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Intelligence Briefings

Redkey International is able to deploy trained and experienced police investigators of the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) versed in international law and able to conduct enquiries relating to criminal or illegal activities.

Force Protection and Movement Control

Redkey International currently maintains a ready reaction force of specially trained consultants prepared to deploy and carry out the duties required of force protection and movement control.

Redkey International conducts ongoing force protection and movement control training on a regular basis at locations in New Zealand and Thailand. Experienced personnel, including former members of the UK Special Forces and New Zealand Diplomatic Protection Squad, facilitate this training.
Other services also available are:

  • Security Guard Force
  • Convoy Security
  • Site Security
  • Insurance
  • Training

Please contact us at for more information on our services.


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