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Maritime Security Division

Redkey International's maritime security division is a recognized leader in developing and applying effective solutions for maritime security problems. Our teams of professionally motivated maritime security experts are on call to conduct in-depth assessments, specifically modified and designed to assist the client in achieving a level of security which will provide the protection required in today's security climate, and also meet or exceed the expectations of various international maritime security initiatives.

The yearly increase in security related incidents targeting maritime and off-shore facilities and installations has left the majority of maritime concerns extremely vulnerable. Your organisation may now require an increased security posture to deter acts of violence against your ships and port facilities, strategic petrochemical installations and related infrastructures. Redkey International recommends that you take advantage of our extensive experience and let our consultants work together with your management and employees to plan, develop, implement, and manage an effective maritime security program, using our first-rate security tools, methods, workshops, and security related courses.

Our Maritime Security Division comprises a team of consultants from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, including international maritime Special Forces units, Customs and Excise officers, Navy (anti-terrorist units) and Diplomatic and Intelligence Services. This unique combination of experience permits Redkey International to approach its clients' security concerns from multiple perspectives - as well as draw on the unique relationships we have with local law enforcement and other governmental agencies around the world.

Redkey International can provide the following services:

  • Physical security of marine facilities, installations and coastal locations
  • Specialist security teams to board vessels prior to moving through high risk areas
  • Professional investigation teams to trace hijacked ships and cargos
  • Highly trained extraction teams to recover ships crews and or vessels
  • Vessel security evaluations
  • Armed licensed security escorts
  • Onboard consultations
  • Plainclothes and uniformed security personnel for special functions
  • Security training for company, ship and port facility security staff
  • Close protection for senior executives

Redkey International can also conduct covert ship and installation security assessments, including on-board surveys to :

  • Review the present levels of security awareness and vigilance
  • Identify weaknesses in the present security plan
  • Conduct breaching exercises to determine the ability to prevent and counter various acts of terrorism.
  • Document findings and formulate recommendations, strategies and best practices.

Whatever services your company requires, our dedicated team of Tier One security consultants will provide a well-conceived security plan in which all measures join together smoothly to meet ISPS requirements, and protect your company and the general public.

All Redkey International representatives operate in accordance with the International Ship and Port Facility code (ISPS).

If you would like to find out more about our services and commitment to our clients then please contact us at:



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