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Employment Opportunites with Redkey

Redkey International requests that if your enquiry is in connection with any of the employment opportunities listed below, that you send a detailed resume plus covering letter by email or post only.

We also regret that due to the very high submission rate at present we are unable to reply to all individual applicants, unless the applicant is selected for interview. Redkey is an equal opportunity employer.

We are currently recruiting trained experienced Tier One consultants for on going contracts in the Middle East, Europe and South East Asia.

Employment Requirements

Experience - all applicants should possess a minimum of two years experience within the corporate security industry. All references submitted will be independently verified.

  • Previous Military / Diplomatic Service / Police Service / Government.
  • An Honourable service discharge.
  • Must possess good written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • No criminal or violent crime convictions.
  • No personal bankruptcy or outstanding credit delinquencies.
  • No vehicle DUI convictions within the last 8 years.
  • No alcohol abuse, drug use or drug related criminal convictions.
  • Must maintain a high level fitness and be able to pass a physical fitness test.
  • Basic medical training. (all applicants)

Other Positions

  • Medics (Doctors, Technicians, Nurses, SF Combat Medics, EMT)

Please forward your resume to:




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